The Guide Sublime Text 2 for Houdini + Install PyQt4


This Guide for configure Sublime Text 2 to work with autocomplite with Houdini and PyQt4. Plus Guide is how compile and install PyQt4 for Houdini.

1) Install and configure Sublime Text 2

  • Download Sublime Text 2
  • Install Package Control
  • Install plugin SublimeCodeIntel. For this press Ctrl+Shift+P, go to “Package Control:Install Package” and press enter. Now start typing “SublimeCodeIntel.” and install it.
  • Houdini autocomplete syntaxis add in ~/.codeintel/config:


“Python”: {

“python”: ‘/usr/bin/python’, “pythonExtraPaths”: [‘/opt/hfs12.1.185/houdini/python2.6libs/’]



2) Compile and install PyQt4 for Houdini (if in system installed python2.6 you can skip this step)

  • Download SIP and PyQt4, It would be better if you download PyQt4 with same version installed on OS.
  • Configure and install SIP.  For this execute commands:

<houdini>/python/bin/python <sip>/
sudo make install

  • Configure and install PyQt4. After flag -q need link to qmake. On  Fedora 18 this link look like this: “/usr/bin/qmake-qt4”. For compilation need too much time, you can make compilation faster if will use more threads. For this after command make use flag -j<number of threads>. Example: “make -j8”.   Execute this commands:

<houdini>/python/bin/python <PyQt4>/ -q <qmake folder>
sudo make install

3) I tried to create *.cix file for PyQt4 with this Script for python, but on generation wrote error. I found generated file on page Download and copy PyQt4.cix file to ~/.config/sublime-text-2/Packages/SublimeCodeIntel/libs/codeintel2/catalogs/. You can easily find this folder in Sublime: Preferences->Browse Package…

4) Make Sublime default text editor for Houdini

  • In file ~/houdini12.1/houdini.env add string: setenv EDITOR = “/opt/Sublime Text 2/sublime_text” or use starting script for Houdini

4) Use Sublime Text 2 with Houdini

  • When write expression in Expresion Editor, press Crtl+E to open external text editor

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