The Muzzle for Houdini

This is my muzzle on Python for Sidefx Houdini. It can by usefull with updating software, debug errors, use parameters for self or for production project and etc.

Start write this muzzle
Add support without choise version of Houdini
Add user parameters for production
Add non destructive parameter adding. If some parameterers exist muzzle only add new parameters.
Add other init env like in source_houdini script. Add information about version of Houdini.
Add temp environment.
Fix some errors


  • If not write version of Houdini in the muzzle, it will find in directory last version Houdini.
  • You can add some Houdini parameters for production usage, like HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH and other.
  • Can write only major and minor version and muzzle will automatic find last installed build.
  • If Houdini close with error, then a terminal will not close automatically.
  • You can add default flag for executing, it will usage when starting Houdini application.
  • You can import this script from production folder and reuse for adding user parameters.

For correct work script, you need to change setting in beginning of the code. Folder where houdini installed by default /opt/. On linux you can put this script on ~/.local/bin or ~/bin and use command houdini in terminal. More about install you can read in INSTALL file.

Download it

If somebody have interesting ideas write me, i will try to realize it.


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